Strategic consulting, design, and facilitation for purpose-driven organizations.


What I do

I work with people who share a vision of a more just, inclusive and resilient future, and are fighting to bring it to life.

This often focuses on developing participatory, community-centered approaches to address complex challenges with people across civil society, private sector, government, and academic organizations.

I provide strategic and creative support that includes public speaking, organizing workshops and facilitating group sessions, building and learning through interdisciplinary design, consulting through times of transition or uncertainty, discovering new terrain through research, and organizing communities that share the vision and work ahead.


I speak for conferences and private groups on topics, including:

  • Innovation and Experimentation

  • Emerging Technologies

  • Collaborative Leadership and Governance

  • Strategic Foresight

  • Building Local Resilience as Humanitarian Response

  • Understanding Human Behavior

  • Designing for Collective Action

  • New Economics for Humans

Whether the session is a keynote for a few thousand people or a small and intimate exchange, each talk is crafted to address the specific needs and context of the group and forum.

A selection of recent talks include:

Workshops & Facilitation

I work with grassroots communities, organizations,

Interactive and goal-oriented. Description here.

  • “Long Term Economic Thinking: A Multidisciplinary Approach” w/Whole Person Economy and the Long Now Foundation

  • Greece Communitere Design Workshops

  • Prototyping workshop with Filene i3

  • “Innovation Development Goals: Find Our True North” w/ the UN and collection of govt innovation labs

  • “The Social Innovation Exchange” @ Seoul Social Innovation Conference

  • “Friction Olympics” w/Co-op THINK Conference

  • Experimentation Deep-Dive w/ CTCUL

  • Strategic Planning Session w/The Buckminster Fuller Institute


Participatory design, design research, UX, etc.


Longer-form engagements that can include a mix of all of the above. Levels of embedded ranging from sleeves up, working alongside the core team to regular coaching sessions.

WPE, NCUF, USC CU, Moeda, etc.


Shared Leadership, Coop Trust Design Thinking Thingy, Machine Learning with Phillipp, NCUR Singularity Paper, Grad Thesis

Community Organizing

Community organizing as central to any sort of transformation or transition work.

Cooperative Trust, Greece Communitere, Austin educators


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Work History

The Habdash

2008 - Present


I founded The Habdash in 2008 as a collaborative creative studio designed to assemble multidisciplinary teams that integrate with clients to address strategic challenges.

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Our collective team has included artists and designers, technologists, strategists, filmmakers, writers, activists, and researchers that bring expertise in strategic consulting, user experience and interactive design, creative production, rapid prototyping, pedagogy and curriculum design, large and small group facilitation, cooperative development, and community organizing.

Past clients include Dell Children's Hospital, PBS Kids, the World Council of Credit Unions, Whole Person Economy, SXSW Edu, The Thinkery Children's Museum, and as financial institutions, philanthropic organizations, and cooperative development initiatives across North America.


2017 - Present

International Board Chair

Communitere International is a non-governmental organization creating dynamic, collaborative hubs in displaced and post-disaster communities globally, giving individuals the means to become self-reliant.

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Greece Committee Chair & Local Coordination

Greece Communitere launched in 2017 with a community-led resource centers equipped for trainings, programming, and workshops for refugee and Greek families to learn new skills and design solutions to problems they face.

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“Introducing Greece Communitere”

I worked in Thessaloniki, Greece to initiate the project with local grassroots response organizations and support development of the country team that ultimately lead the project to completion.

The resource centers - one mobile workshop-on-wheels, and another in city-center - provided tools, training, and resources, opening up opportunities for personal and local economic development, and to improve conditions in camps, shelters, and low-income housing. The local team worked to decrease physical and financial insecurity, improve infrastructure, and elevate mood and human dignity.

In the program’s first 6 months, the Mobile Resource Center completed 32 projects in 22 locations, partnering with 49 local and international organizations and institutions. A total of 2900 refugees, asylum seekers, immigrants and locals directly benefited from these projects and an estimated 7500 indirectly.


2017 - 2018

Founding Team & Product Lead

Moeda Seeds is a blockchain-based microfinance platform targeting UN SDG-driven investments by women entrepreneurs in Brazil.

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As Product Lead of the founding team - based in New York, USA and Brasilia, Brazil - I led research, product strategy and production, and team development from the project’s beginning, to the first functional prototype, to the pilot launch with the first cohort of selected projects.


2003 - 2008,
2017 - 2018

Co-Founder & Chief Design Officer

Trabian is a software design and development studio that creates human-centered, values-based financial technology.

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Trabian provides UI/UX design, web development, mobile development services to funded startups, established FinTechs, community banks and credit unions, and other impact banking organizations.

To date, the company has created over 100 digital financial products for 70 clients globally.

Trabian’s domain expertise includes:

  • Cross-Platform Digital Banking

  • Mobile Wallets & Card Management

  • Money Movement & Payment Systems

  • Content Management-Driven Websites

  • Real-time Loan Origination

  • Seamless Account Opening

United Nations

2015 - 2017

Senior Advisor to the Director, Non-Governmental Liaison Service (UN-NGLS)

UN-NGLS creates new spaces for civil society participation, open dialogue, mentorship, and cooperation with the United Nations system.

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I worked alongside the Director of UN-NGLS to design and deploy new systems, processes, and technologies for facilitating meaningful engagement between the UN and civil society.

This included developing safe and secure architecture for managing sensitive data, coordinating security protocols for moving large groups of civil society leaders through UN Headquarters during the 2016 UN General Assembly’s High-Level Events, and managing staff behind the first-ever Open Debate for Secretary General featuring questions from the public.

Innovation Lead, Office of Information and Communication Technology (OICT)

I joined UN OICT to led the creation of the first innovation unit serving the United Nations Secretariat. Our team worked with offices across the Secretariat to accelerate technological experimentation, entrepreneurial thinking, and cross-sector collaboration.

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[So much to tell. Keep it simple.]


2012 - 2014


Producer & Interactive Curator

Above the fold.

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2012 - 2013



Hackidemia organizes locally-driven, pop-up invention labs for kids all over the world.

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Loads of stuff.

The Cooperative Trust

2010 - 2013


The Cooperative Trust connects and supports young people fighting for the future of socially-responsible finance through events, mentorships, and innovation projects.

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Filene Research Institute

2009 - 2013

Advisor & Applied Researcher

The Filene Research Institute is a nonprofit, independent think and do tank for the consumer finance industry.

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Singularity University


Teaching Fellow

Singularity University's Graduate Studies Program "convenes future leaders, entrepreneurs, and technologists to work on team-based technology solutions to widespread global challenges."

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