I'm an interdisciplinary designer, educator, researcher, and doodler living in Oakland, California. 

My work focuses on developing participatory, community-centered approaches to address complex challenges. I have worked with civil society, private, government, and academic organizations committed to fighting poverty and inequality, ensuring healthy lives and access to education, empowering women and girls, and protecting our planet.

I recently joined the board of the humanitarian organization Communitere International after launching a refugee response team in Greece during the 2017 migrant crisis.

I previously lead the founding product team at Moeda, a microfinance technology company currently piloting with women-run agriculture cooperatives in Brazil.

I lead the creation of a technology innovation unit inside of the United Nations Secretariat and co-chaired the UN Innovation Network. Later, I joined an incredible team in the UN's Non-Governmental Liaison Service where we worked to increase public participation in the UN system.

I'm passionate about the transformative power of curiosity and play, and since 2013 have partnered with PBS Kids, TEDxAustin, SXSW Edu, schools, hospitals, & makerspaces across all over the world to create hands-on science, technology, art and design learning experiences for kids.

I met my wife and a group of life-long friends as a 2012 Teaching Fellow at Singularity University, mentoring 80 entrepreneurs and researchers from 36 countries on using disruptive technology to address global challenges.

Commitment to a more cooperative, participatory economic system lead me to Vice-Chair of The Cooperative Food Empowerment Directive, launch an applied research arm at the Filene Research Institute, found the youth leadership organization the Cooperative Trust, and continue to work with credit unions all over the world.

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