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Link Pack: Innovation Analytics & Policy

Link Pack: Innovation Analytics & Policy

Innovation Analytics: A guide to new data and measurement in innovation policy from Nesta

“We have been working with new data sources and methods to address this gap between the reality of innovation, as it happens, and our ability to measure it. Our ultimate goal is to turn this into information for effective use by policymakers, and to drive decision making from an evidence-based position.”

IBM’s Innovation Center taking shape in downtown Buffalo from The Buffalo News

“While the center expects to do some work that taps into IBM’s sophisticated Watson computer, much of the work will be centered around how to make sense of all the data its clients have collected. Businesses today have lots of data – the amount of data collected is doubling each year – but making sense of it can be a challenge, especially since much of their technology is aimed at running the business.”

Innovation at UNDP: from weekend sport to daily practice from Nesta

“Embedding innovation in our business processes” is an aspirational mantra we have often heard when comparing notes with other development organisations. But what does this mean in practice? Where to start if this is not to remain just an empty slogan?”

Mobile and cloud computing: Today's center of innovation? from TechTarget

“Mobile devices and cloud computing have a symbiotic relationship: Cloud computing enhances the use of mobile devices, and mobile devices have propelled greater use of the cloud. Together, the two enable increased agility for consumers and for businesses. The real benefit of cloud-enhanced mobility is not about the device or the applications, Egan says, but about the positive impact on the business.”

Why Data Is Important for Companies and Why Innovation Is On the Way from INC

“This is going to make it not only an advantage to be using data but a necessity. If you have not yet taken your business into the area of big data, you are missing out, and it's time to change that if you are going to stay ahead of the competition.”

Data innovation: where to start? With the road less taken from Nesta

“An open data initiative would focus less on getting all possible datasets released (in a supply and demand approach) and would focus instead on the whole chain of data collection and interpretation on a specific issue (say, waste or homelessness) and ask at each step of the way key questions about agency.”

Link Pack: Technology, Data, & Education

Link Pack: Technology, Data, & Education

Notes from the Inter-Agency Standing Committee: "Human Trafficking in Times of Crisis"

Notes from the Inter-Agency Standing Committee: "Human Trafficking in Times of Crisis"