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Notes from the Inter-Agency Standing Committee: "Human Trafficking in Times of Crisis"

Notes from the Inter-Agency Standing Committee: "Human Trafficking in Times of Crisis"

Ginny Baumann-Senior Program Officer for the Freedom Fund

  • After earthquake in Nepal 2015, increasing concerns about human trafficking and physical and sexual abuse
  • Undertake the action research in Sindhupalchok district.
  • Interview-18 informants
  • Workshops for frontline workers
  • 33 participants to map out change and learning
    • Findings
  • Valuable information on the causes of increased vulnerability to human trafficking
  • Violence and abuse against women and children

Michela Macchiavello-International Organization for Migration

  • Key findings:
  • Armed conflict, natural disasters, protracted crisis: different scenarios, similar consequences on cases of trafficking and exploitation
    • Concrete action:
  • Global Protection Cluster; IOM response to Nepal crisis 2015; IOM activities in Syria 2015-16; Protection working group in Kurdistan region of Iraq


  • Member states have to volunteer to implement
  • Financial problems
  • Confusion regarding protocol
  • Data collecting. We need more evidence. But if we wait for evidence, large number of victims will appear. If we start to act now, we will have a much better chance to prevent things from happening.

Other things:

  • Relate to SDGs. SDGs mention human trafficking issues in several indicators. We allso work with UN women. 8.7-child labor. Work closely with all partners, IOM, Unicef, civil society partners.
  • Psychological support
  • UNODC providing psychological system through NGOs for us to include that in the next iteration.
  • We have a reference group on mental health and support. We can try to partner them up.
  • State department office. Interested in mental health issue. Specify some research questions that would like to see answer?
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