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CSS Elite is good people

You know what’s flattering? CSS design showcase CSSElite has been kind enough to include my design for Trabian.com in their growing gallery of sites deemed “visually-well-to-do.” Go check it out, and you’ll quickly see that we are in very good company, which is especially cool. At around one week old, CSSElite is a very young site. The word must have spread rapidly, however, because we’ve already seen a distinct rise in our site traffic since being added. To those who’ve come to us from their site: Hi there. Welcome. Stay awhile.Word is they’re going to be rolling out a new design in the future, along with expanded features and a contest to win an iPod nano. So if you’re a fan of webdesign and quality creative inspiration, or want a free iPod, CSSElite is definitely worth keeping an eye on.

Even a one-armed monkey can be a filthy-rich graphic designer

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