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How accessible is your site?

Web accessibility involves making sure your website is usable by anyone and everyone, especially those with disabilities. With such a broad and sometimes overwhelming spectrum to consider, including screen reader accommodation for the blind and speech recognition compliance for those who can’t use a mouse or keyboard, accessibility can be a very difficult thing to assess.Web standards, accessibility, and usability specialist Roger Johansson has recently released part one of a three-part series explaining how to make your site the most usable for the widest audience.From his introduction:
Many people, web developers as well as website owners, are new to website accessibility and find it difficult to evaluate. This three-part article series is intended to make it easier for non-experts to perform a basic accessibility check. I hope it will be helpful enough to make at least a few websites more accessible.
If you’re interested in allowing your site the farthest possible reach, but aren’t sure where to start, this series of articles is definitely worth checking out. Visit the link below for the full article: Evaluating Website Accessibility Part 1, Background and Preparation

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