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The Design Encyclopedia

Well there was a wiki for just about everything else, and now thanks to design contemplators UnderConsideration, the design community can have one of its own. The Design Encyclopedia is an ever-growing collection of all things design, with topics ranging from the revolutionary icon Saul Bass to The visual evolution of the letter R.They say:
“The purpose of the design encyclopedia is to build a resource where anything and everything is explained through its design implications and background.”
I say this rocks and I’m probably going to spend way too much time at this site. Registered users can join in on the collaboration by creating their own entries or adding to already-existing content. The site has been around since September of 05, and in the past few months has made considerable leaps in content depth and variety. At present day it is quite the beast. Also worth mentioning is Speak Up, an incredible design blog also created and maintained by UnderConsideration. Check it.

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