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Second Life primer

I had an interesting conversation with Jim Bruene (who’s blog you should definitely be reading) last week about Second Life, a “3-D virtual world entirely built and owned by its residents.” Second Life was opened to the public in 2003, so it’s not exactly new. However, its business implications have made for some explosive hype/conversation recently. And for all of you who are thinking “what a bunch of nerds”...touche. I thought the same thing. But I’ve gathered some stats that show the degree to which Second Life has broken out of the “dork-in-his-mom’s-basement” demographic: (some numbers will have changed after the posting of this article) BusinessWeek writer Bruce Nussbaum made one great point on his blog about using Second Life as a reflection of consumer intentionality:
The more I see in Second Life, the more I realize that one of the most important business opportunities there is mining intentionality. This is a phrase my brilliant colleague Frank Comes came up with to describe what’s going in in that space. People in SL are expressing what they would LIKE to do in reality. For example, it’s easy to pimp your car in second life and clearly lots of people want to customize their transport there. All the major auto companies are piling into SL to learn about this—and build their big after-market customizing business in the real world.
I’m not saying to run out and start a Second Life business or plant your business in Second Life. But join. Play around. This is another interaction tool, thriving community, and collaboration environment worth keeping an eye on.

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