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Life lessons from a hyperactive four year-old

Today on the train, this little kid hopped on with his mom. He never stopped looking around, drinking everything in. The adults surrounding him stared straight ahead, focused on their newspapers, or worked in other ways to avoid making eye contact with anyone else. Meanwhile, he stared people down without shame, shouted “Hi!” to strangers, and asked me “what’s that?” when I pulled out my iPod.I once heard someone say something like, “As you grow older, your experiences whittle you down to a finer and finer point, until you become so specific that it becomes difficult to relate to anyone else.” The logic that drives that mindset says that experiences provide more and more answers and understanding as they happen. But that’s not true. Experiences create perspective, yes, but not answers. Staying child-like in observation means that your experiences unveil more questions than answers, as they should. In this mindset, the more experience you have and the older you become, the more fresh, wide-eyed curiosity will drive your life, your joy, and your ambitions. What some people call “the ideation process” or “brainstorming” or “strategic planning” my brilliant friend Cam calls “playing.” I love that. Blogging, podcasting, and this whole drive to deliver “quality relevant content” can make me feel like I need to be delivering answers and understanding constantly…like a pizza guy delivers pizza. Honestly, I just have a lot more questions than answers.

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