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I moved my portfolio to Carbonmade

So I lied. I moved my portfolio from Coroflot over to Carbonmade. Check it out here: » Design by Brent Dixon Why'd I switch? Because Carbonmade...
  • ...is a much simpler presentation. In viewing designs, context is important. Coroflot's busy-ness distracted from the actual design work. My Carbonmade portfolio is unbranded and the only strong design elements are found in the work.
  • ...is faster. Coroflot kept locking up and taking for-doggone-ever to load my images. Because of my self-diagnosed A.D.D, this stressed me out.
  • ...allows you to install Google Analytics on your portfolio. Coroflot had some built in stat tools, but nothing like Google Analytics. Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, Carbonmade just opened themselves up to an awesome tool that already existed. Good call.
What do I miss?
  • Coroflot's navigation is better. It's much easier to hop from section to section (Web vs. Print, etc) in Coroflot's interface.
  •  I wish Carbonmade had some heirarchy built into the blurbs associated with each design. As in "Title" and "Description," that's it. Right now all of my text is slapped in one place, and can't be formatted. It's not very scannable, and just looks messy.
  • Coroflot lets you customize icons for each design, and that was nice.
There's a list of several more design portfolio hosts on Listible.com.

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