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"Be Kind Rewind" Reminds Me to Unwind

Michel Gondry's latest film, "Be Kind Rewind," starts off slow, has a shaky plot, and satisfies at least three or four things from "Stuff White People Like." That said - I really liked it. Everything great about the film came out of Gondry's playfulness and organic style of creativity. A few of my takeaways go like this:
  • Create first, analyze second.
  • Community wins.
  • Just be real.
  • Creativity and optimism might be the most potent catalysts ever.
Here are two trailers of movies-within-the-movie. You can watch more of them here.


[youtube 9ZM5ZD0t1sg]


[youtube DJLXjlsKCVc]

Honestly, some people will think this movie is straight-up dumb, but it's just what I needed right now.

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