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I wish I could go to this year's FinovateStartup, but I'm too poor. Finovate and FinovateStartup are conferences put on by technology + finance guru Jim Bruene of Netbanker. Startups demoing their products include: Andera, Boulevard R., Buxfer, Motley Fool CAPS, ClairMail, Credit Karma, First ROI, Jwaala, Lending Club, Mint, Prosper, SmartHippo, Unified Money, and the rockstars from Wesabe (see how big a fan I am of Wesabe here). It's a stockpile of some of the coolest things to happen to money since the invention of "buying stuff." Check out videos from last year's Finovate here. Update ( 2/2/08): Thanks to Jim Bruene's good heart, it looks like I may be heading up there after all to cover the conference on Open Source CU. You rock, Jim.

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