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The Fast Company social network

Fast Company, a business magazine with a heavy lean towards design and innovation (and a personal favorite of mine), has relaunched their website as a social network. Edward Sussman, President of Mansueto Digital, says this about the new FastCompany.com:
Starting today, we become the first major media website to tackle the following problem: Can a business publication blend journalism and online community to create something better than either by itself? We think so. If done right.
For a publication who's brand is ideas, I love this. Users who join the network can blog and comment, "befriend" other users, post videos, or even suggest questions to Fast Company. In opting to play equal parts mouth and mouthpiece, the new site is a big, fat, fascinating conversation. I'm looking forward to seeing how the user-generated commentary is used in the the printed magazine. Conversations in motion include: Join the conversation by creating a profile here. And if you want, add me as a friend.

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