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Community Management & The Personal Touch

Today my buddy Charlie Trotter told me a story about his experience after signing up for Utterz, a mobile-blogging tool:
I Uttered an Utterz about hoping it would work well with my blog and twitter. I just got an email from the community manager welcoming me and assuring me that it would integrate just fine. He actually listened to my audio thing because I didn't title it.
He went on to say:
I love it so so much when a site rep contacts me specifically about something. The CEO of Media Temple left me a voice mail thanking me for sending Media Temple a nice email. Dalas Verdugo, Vimeo's community manager is quickly available through IM and quickly solves my problems when they happen. Now this email from Utterz. Having that personal connection, having someone take the time to make it when they own a site with so many users is a big deal to me. It makes me a zealot for them.
Boom. How do you turn consumers into zealots? Act like you're a human and they're a human and we're all a bunch of humans.

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