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Seeding Viral Video

How do "viral" (a word that often makes me cringe and think of cheesy ad guys) videos go viral? Ad Age published an article yesterday on Feed Co's play-by-play process of seeding the "Hope Changes Everything" video for Barak Obama. The basic takeaway: If you have something of value, don't be afraid to reach out to influentials (in this case, popular websites The Huffington Post, The Daily Dish, Media Matters, and the Chicago Tribune blog) to distribute your idea. In addition to hitting the big-timers, the seeders also sent messages to like-minded, everyman supporters - "users on YouTube who had previously uploaded or 'favorited' Obama videos and ask[ed] them to do the same for our video. (adage.com)" And though it might go without saying, it is important to note that this will not work for any video. While yes, this video is essentially a 60-second spot....it has intrinsic value beyond the fact that it promotes Obama. It is entertaining, artful and inspiring. Reaching out to influentials and communities to distribute your marketing - if it's just another piece of marketing - will, in almost every case, piss people off. In viral outreach, ideas win. Here's the video, enjoy:

[youtube lLVN3Trs5VQ]

(Read the article here: Advertising Age's "Seeding a Political Viral Video")

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