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Upbeats & Happiness Make a Comeback with the Specials' '08 Reunion

How do I know that ska isn't dead? Because the BBC told me so:
The Specials have been talking to the BBC about reforming officially, for a reunion tour. No dates as yet, frontman Terry Hall says they need to get into the studio first: “Well we’re still trying to put dates together, but hopefully September/ October time. We need to spend the Summer rehearsing… I think it’s taken me 30 years to realise we could do it really well.” Terry Hall and Lynval Golding made surprise appearances at last year’s Glastonbury Festival. The pair appeared onstage with Lily Allen to perform Gangsters, and later on a different stage, with Damon Albarn on piano and a beatboxer, performing A Message To You, Rudy. Terry Hall says that seeing other artists on the reunion trail has been an inspiration: “Because I saw Patti Smith do Horses, and I saw The Pixies reforming… you do it with dignity or don’t do it at all”.
If you aren't familar with legendary British ska band the Specials', one of the most influential and foundational bands in the genre, here's a recap or three (oldschool, oldschool, and newschool):

[youtube 9HJlovyw490]

[youtube TGDQ85Dg-ss]

[youtube SATMtbViuhY]

Ska makes people happy. And the world needs happy. (Great news via the Daily Swarm)

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