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"Age of Conversation" Timeline

One of my coauthors for the second Age of Conversation published the timeline leading up to our book's release. Because I can at times be a little A.D.D, I'm doing the same thing to make sure the dates are top of mind. ...and so you can get excited about ordering it when the time is ripe:
  • May 15 All chapters due
  • May 16 Editing/reviewing entries begins
  • June 15 Edits/requests for re-works etc. out to authors
  • June 30 All copy finalized
  • July 15 First design/layout due
  • August 1 Layout finalized
  • August 15 Lulu proofs in hand, final edits made
  • August 21 (or so) Book is released
See? It worked. With May 15th right around the corner, I'm now realizing I'd better get after it. Maybe I'll echo Terrell Meek's plan of attack.

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