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Free Gnarles Barkley album, with just one catch

...it's completely in reverse. The duo has released their new album, "The Odd Couple," as one long, very backward but very free MP3. If you're up for the reverse listen (according to Gorilla vs. Bear, "it's actually kind of cool,") or flipping it yourself, download it here. Although some people seem to hate this idea, as a marketing tactic I don't mind it. Because: 1) It does kind of sound cool backwards, not that I'd jam this all the time, but it does. And 2) We live in an age of mashups, where people are not afraid to grab media and mess with it. I'm positive many folks will slap this into some editing tool (Audacity is a good free one) and flip it around. One of those people will be me. And even beyond that, I hope the reversed sounds give way to some inspired consumer-generated remixes. All of this shifts their product from a knick-knack to a sandbox. Like Radiohead's recent remix campaign, Gnarles Barkley is encouraging you to take their work and play around. (via the fine folks at Gorilla vs. Bear)

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