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Last.fm: Free music sells music

Last week, social music network Last.fm said that since allowing free streaming of full-length tracks and albums through their site, just two months ago, they've seen a 119% increase music sales through Amazon.

Users can stream music and buy through Amazon in two ways:

1) Through their audio player (downloadable software):

Last.fm: Free music sells music

2) Through their site:

Last.fm: Free music sells music

Here's a right-on-the-money reaction from ars technica:

If music sales as a result of streaming offerings show growth over a longer period of time (say, a year), then other services may also begin to push for full-track previews in hopes of increasing sales. Imagine if Amazon MP3 or iTunes allowed full previews on their respective services before buying—digital music could take off even faster than it already has. It shows how the very ideas that the music industry resisted for years have the potential to pay off financially.

Chris Anderson is saying "told you so" right now.

Free Gnarles Barkley album, with just one catch

"You know what I saw."