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Tales from Red Roof Inn

I'm in Washington DC this week helping a client with some content development for a site we're about to launch. I'm staying at a Red Roof Inn in Chinatown. While I was checking in, these three things happened:
  1. A girl came down to say "Okay, thanks...our shower finally started working. But our toilet still hasn't flushed since we got here. Lucky we have friends down the hall."
  2. A man was waiting for the elevator the entire time I was checking in. "I've been here for twenty minutes," he said. Bless his heart, it was broken. I took the stairs.
  3. A cop came in to resolve a "disturbance" on the third floor. "Please don't make a scene," the front desk lady requested of him as she handed me my room key.
Should be fun. Update (4/29, 9am): This morning the hotel's GM, Kris, called after having read this post. He apologized, and explained that the disturbance was just a couple of teenagers who weren't supposed to be there (which was why the elevator was delayed). Very cool that Red Roof Inn, or at least Kris, is on top of what's being said about them and so quick to respond.

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