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Shiny and new: step one of several

Last night (bleeding into early this morning) I made some big fat changes to my site. What do you think? I'm really excited about the new banner, because it gives me a legitimate excuse to doodle now. Hopefully I'll be switching out new sketches every few weeks or so. After many requests, I've finally added a portfolio (albeit a miniature one) directly to the site. Click it! Fun things happen. As the title mentions, this new design is a first step. Over the long haul, as time allows, I'll jazz up the site's design below the navigation to be just as organic and hand-drawn as the banner. Right now I feel like there's a slight disconnect. But I'd rather launch now than wait until it's perfect. It'll never be perfect, you know. There's also lots of content to beef up - including adding more design and commentary to the little portfolio on the right. My goals with the site are twofold:
  1. To be a place for good conversation, and
  2. To showcase my design business. Since leaving Trabian in April to go independent, I've relied on handshakes, cups of coffee, and pints of beer to be my business cards and marketing. It's worked well enough so far - I've been able to eat at least one whole packet of Ramen a day - but this will help.
Speaking of that, I have a couple of posts in the cannon about kicking off a small business. It's been a ride. I have a lot of questions for some of you. So that's that. As always, I covet your feedback and comments.

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