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Questions for the road

I've felt a little like a hamster on a wheel the past couple of weeks. My email, in particular, has been out of control. And because of the overflow of writing writing talking talking writing, I haven't had the longevity of thought to give this blog some love. But, here are a few questions, yanked from my sketchbook, that have been on my mind lately:
  • Does social media make us less social?
  • How can we - businesses, designers, marketers, new media kids - be better story-tellers (1, 2, 3)?
  • The best new creative goes beyond making a point, it draws creativity out of people. It causes them to wake up, to create, to explore. Who's doing this well now? How can we (designers, etc.) get better at this?
  • As Jake McKee brought up in a recent SMC meeting, unscheduled play time is critical to healthy child development. Is it just as important for ongoing development in crotchety grown ups? (I submit: yes.)
  • How can we pop holes in echo chambers (for example: the slice of the blogosphere and twittosphere whose favorite things to talk about are blogging and tweeting) and make room for inspiration and new perspectives?
  • And, just to be a hypocrite - On blog comments: Is Twitter a conversation-stealer?

Creative meetups in the DFDubs

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