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BarCampBankBC was a win.

BarCampBankBC happened this weekend in Vancouver, and it was an incredible event. Many many props to Tim McAlpine, William Azaroff and Gene Blishen for everything they put into it. I am constantly awstruck and humbled by the creativity, intelligence, passion and kindness of the people up here I've met through the credit union movement. We were able to cover most of the event live and broadcast it on Open Source CU. I have some notes up my sleeve about the coverage side of the experience, but for now I'll just say that it was very cool having viewers from across the North America (and the BCB Godfather, Frederic Baud, from Paris) join our conversations virtually. It added an whole new dynamic. Visit the blog and click "On Demand" in the video player to watch archived video from the sessions. Check out blogs and photos from the event here. A really poignant quote from the weekend came from Mr. McAlpine:
"I'm gonna chair your face."
I still have two days left in Vancouver. It's going to be tough to leave this place.

Hoping for more Guitar Hero and 80's Hair-Metal wigs

Proof we are in the future: Picasa knows your face