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Creative output in the age of distraction

Today while working on a design I had Twitter, AIM, Google Talk, Google Reader, email, and a music player open at the same time. This lead me to stumbled over a nugget of insight from Cory Doctorow on "Writing in the Age of Distraction." The article focuses on writing (clearly), but the thoughts are on-point for creative people of all shapes and sizes. "Realtime communication tools are deadly," he says. 

He also recommends that you "leave yourself a rough edge" - 

When you hit your daily word-goal, stop. Stop even if you're in the middle of a sentence. Especially if you're in the middle of a sentence. That way, when you sit down at the keyboard the next day, your first five or ten words are already ordained, so that you get a little push before you begin your work. Knitters leave a bit of yarn sticking out of the day's knitting so they know where to pick up the next day — they call it the "hint." Potters leave a rough edge on the wet clay before they wrap it in plastic for the night — it's hard to build on a smooth edge.

I think I'll unplug and put my head back together. Read the full article here.

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