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Recommended by You: Jazz Vocalists & Soul-Crushing Beauty

This week I asked my Twitter friends 1) Who their favorite jazz vocalists are and 2) What soul-crushingly beautiful music they'd recommend. Here's what they, aka you, said:

Favorite Jazz Vocalists

• Lady Day • Nat King Cole • Frank Sinatra • Cab Calloway • Ella Fitzgerald • Louis Armstrong • Diana Krall • Mel Torme • Bill Weathers • Nina Simone • Billie Holiday • Sarah Vaughan • Bobbi Humphrey • Diana Krall • Betty Carter • Little Jimmy Scott • Madeleine Peyroux • Patricia Barber •

Soul-Crushingly Beautiful Music

• Sigur Ros • "Go Now" by the Moody Blues • "I Get Along Without You Very Well" by Carly Simon • Neko Case • Emmylou Harris • Riceboy Sleeps • "Possibly Maybe" by Björk •  Other Lives • Ray LaMontagne • Neil Young • Annuals • Jeff Buckley • "Oriental Melody" and "Cool New Way" by Joe Satriani • Kings of Convenience • The Sundays • Mazzy Star • The Cure (Disintigration-era) • Leonard Cohen • Sufjan Stevens • The Sublime Goodness Mixtape 2 • Patty Griffin • My ears will be warm and full for weeks. Thanks to @jimmymarks, @allspeeds, @solis510, @ali_shafai, @vanessahenry, @morrischris, @jhoop98, @andrewshepherd, @lisarandolph, @bradywalen, @dericjones, @mmpartee, @nunispramp for that. Update 7/1: I've added four jazz vocalists and a spelling change from @astigmatic, who let me know that, "It's Krall, the singer, not Krull, the awesomely bad fantasy thriller from 1983." Thanks, Aaron. PS: Add to the list by posting your favorites in the comments.

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