The Catch 22 of Verbal Processing

Some people write. Others use mind maps. I come to conclusions by flapping my gums. I’ve learned I’m a verbal processor, and talking things out helps me form ideas. Only at the end of a conversation do I really know how I feel about the topic at hand. But when I discuss an unprocessed idea, it rarely comes out well. The idea formation and clarification process is messy and non-linear. What is great for organizing things in my mind is bad for my ability to communicate them. But in order to process well, I have to communicate poorly first. If I just sit down and try to write an idea out, it rarely goes well. I end up bugging friends and family. I send it off to be critiqued at many points along the way, and generally find ways to engage any willing set of eyes and ears and mouths in dialogue about the topic. And with that conversation comes clarity. It's almost a requirement that if I'm to come to a real conclusion about something, I must first bludgeon that thing (and the people in my vicinity) with waves of scatterbrained hullabaloo. Anyone else on the same page? I'm sure there's some life lesson in all of this, but I'm not sure what. Let's talk it out.