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The need to share and the fact that I like you.

Today my mom gave me some sass about the fact that I haven't written on here in almost a month. First of all, I didn't even realize she read this thing unless I sent her the links. High five to that. A couple of weeks ago, Terrell (@texast) tweeted this:
I almost tweeted something that falls in the TMI category. Decided not to, but will blog about it later! I must share. what's wrong w/me?
I feel the same way: I can't shake the pull to document and share. This week's break from Twitter helped ease that knee-jerk desire to post a thing when it happens. It makes it easier to be present and enjoy that thing in the moment without worrying about how to communicate it as a digestible snack. This bit of text from the header of Ze Frank's blog says it well:
This is my blog. Sometimes I don't write for a while, that usually means I'm doing something else. I didn't forget about you though. I like you.
I do like you. When I take breaks from sharing, I start to feel like a hyperactive little kid - wiggling in my seat, ansty to ask you things and tell you  what I learned today. I miss the conversation. We'll talk soon. Is your immediate reaction to interesting haps in your life to document and share them? If so: is that a new thing, or has it always been the case?


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