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Let's Go Up On The Roof With Carol

My good friend Carol Schillios is living on a roof for as long as it takes to raise $1 million to support women and their families in developing countries. All she's asking: That you donate $1 to the Fabric of Life Foundation, and accompany that donation with a small act of kindness. Click here to read some of the amazing success stories from the work Carol and her foundation have already done. If we work together, each using our own voice and personal network, we can help get her off the roof in a jiffy, before she catches a deatha-cold.

Here's an idea to help:

  1. We each donate a dollar (or more), and perform a small act of kindness.
  2. Tweet or update your Facebook status with your one small act, along with this link to Carol's site http://bit.ly/qQaec and the hashtag #imupontheroof.For example: "Complimented a stranger on the subway. http://bit.ly/qQaec #imupontheroof"
  3. Bonus: Change your Twitter location to "Up on the roof with Carol."
The hashtag #imupontheroof is a nice way for us all to remind Carol that, although not physically, we are up there with her in thought and spirit. It'll also help us keep up as more people tell their stories. (Click here if you're wondering "what the heck is a hashtag?") Finally, encourage everyone you can to do the same by emailing, tweeting, blogging, Facebook(ing), and on and on. Most of us are unbelievably connected and use that power to share opinions, jokes, goofy youtube videos (here's a good one), and so on. This is an opportunity to use it for something much bigger.

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