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A Beatboxed History of Hip-Hop

French beatboxer EKLIPS paints 30 years of hiphop evolution with four minutes, a mic, and a larynx.

The playlist, untangled by Youtube commenter Liface, is as follows:

IN ORDER: Rapper's Delight, The Message, Planet Rock, La Di Da Di, Paid In Full, It Takes Two, N 2 Deep, Public Enemy, Insane in the Membrane, Nuthin' But A G Thang, ?, Mystery of Chess Boxing, Method Man, Step Into a World, South Bronx, Represent, Full Clip, California Love, Who Shot Ya, Shimmy Shimmy Ya? , My Name Is, Ante Up, Simon Says, Lean Back, Mo Murda, Forgot about Dre, Still Dre, Bang Bang, What's The Difference, Break Ya Neck, Hustlin, A Mili, I'm Ill, DOA, Power, Under Pressure

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