Anchors Away

I'm working on a record and here is one of the songs:

I'm shooting to have the full-length done towards the end of the year. We're about halfway there.

I've been working with some amazing musicians, including Brian Douglas Phillips on production, Fred Mandujano on drums, Andy Tinall on fiddle, and Dalton Chamblee on bass.

The lyrics go like this: 

Turning down the demons is 
our first stop in making sense 
of all this dirt. 
Last weekend by the lake you tried 
to give your away clothes, your wires. 
You said, "It's all dirt. 

"It's only a matter of time 
before they take all this junk, 
all this waste to the street in black plastic bags. 

"Please take these things away from me 
while I have breath and my heart beats 
and i can see them off. 
The air was thick 
the colors were bright 
in 1950 I made her my bride 
They all showed up to see us off. 

"I shaved my face, put on a tie, 
stuck out my thumb, 
and talked my way across the country 
just to spend some time getting warm under your light. 

Anchors away. 

"Silver dollars marked the day 
The foundation was laid, 
but now there's handprints and concrete holes 
in the home that you've grown. 

"Your leather suitcase full of holes, 
fill it up with these old stones. 
I've never met a stranger 
but my mind's inclined to roam. 
I'm sorry if my eyes go dim 
while we peel pages and talk current events, 
but I'm so tied up trying to follow her home."


Brent DixonComment