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Brian Douglas Phillips - Gunnison

My friend Brian Douglas Phillips released his new record, "Gunnison," earlier this month, and it's just fantastic. 

A review from bestnewbands.com explains Brian's music like this:

Brian describes his music as Americana/country/folk, but I think it can be boiled down to simply “America.” He is undoubtedly headed into a new frontier with Gunnison, traversing both the placid and the perilous of the American West. Let him take you on the journey.

Give it a listen here: http://thebrianshow.com/

Give it a purchase ($10 for a CD + digital download) here: http://thebrianshow.com/BuyGunnison.html

And watch below for a snapshot of their recording process at Brian's studio, Rattle Trap Audio -

Seriously? A captcha with an umlaut?

"Jonah" - Graham Stookey