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Master of Fine Arts in Transdisciplinary Design (MFA) at Parsons

Parsons' TransDesign program is so hot that I want to ask it to be more than friends:

... a two-year, 60-credit program focusing on project-based design work that incorporates a profound understanding of the ways design transforms social relations.

Students learn to practice:

  • Reflective collaboration – working flexibly in multidisciplinary teams to solve highly complex problems
  • Complexity modeling – visually modeling complex systems and social structures to yield new insights
  • Critical reframing – examining problems and turning them into design opportunities
  • Design-led research – articulating a research problem and exploring it through a design process
  • Fitness prototyping – discovering an appropriate resolution of a problem that belongs to no single design field.
Calling all wealthy patrons. You know where to find me.


Spotted outside of a JFK gift shop.

A Letter Written in the Summer of 2006