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Two bands I learned about this morning and since then have grown to dig


"This Brooklyn-based five piece play tasty little gems of indie-pop all wrapped around beautiful vocals from the the band’s front-woman Quay Quinn-Settel. Their stand-out track for me has to be Spell; a song that could easily soundtrack a New Wave influenced Spaghetti Western (if Coppola can make the French Revolution New Wave, why not the Wild West)." (thefoxisblack)

How to Dress Well

"Krell, who records as How to Dress Well, created the EP as a tribute to a friend who died last year. It’s an orchestral reimagining of music Krell previously released, inspired by the kindred spirit he lost. As a collection of music, How to Dress Well’s Just Once is a tragically magnificent remembrance. It’s intimate. And that intimacy makes the way the record is being released meaningful as well." (wired)

Billie Holiday passed away 52 years ago yesterday